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Welcome to the Robert Harrop Collectors Club!


This is your invite to become a member of the Robert Harrop Collectors Club and by doing so gain a great insight into the figurine collections that we produce for your enjoyment.

The Collectors Club has a long and proud history originating in 1994 as the 4 C’s (Country Companions Collectors Club) and evolving into The Robert Harrop Designs Collectors Club in 1997, with the incorporation of other much loved collections.  The club has provided a community for all things RHD ever since, with newsletters, mailings and event days to enjoy, along with the much anticipated Collector’s Edition figurine arriving in the post to add to your collection.

This year sees the 22nd Anniversary of the Collectors Club and the new ‘tiered’ club structure implemented last year appears to be a great success.  Many collectors are already enjoying the benefits of the 10% discount with the Gold and Silver Membership, while the Silver and Bronze membership allow customers to receive all the latest information without having to commit to a specific collection or free gift.  The Collectors Editions, featured with the Gold Membership, will run for 12 months across the life of the club year and will be replaced annually, allowing you the choice of a brand new figurine upon your membership renewal.

We have also been approached with the idea of implementing a tiered membership which allows new customers to enjoy the discount system and receive all the latest information without committing to a specific collection or free gift.  The Collectors Club Year Pieces and Collectors Club Free Gifts have been replaced by the Collectors Editions, which will run for 12 months across the life of the club year. In short, collectors club members now have the following options when joining or renewing their membership (UK prices only, please see separate leaflet for Overseas):

Membership Options & Benefits:

Option 1 Joining the Gold Membership.

Annual subscription to include:

  • Your choice of an annual COLLECTORS EDITION piece from The Doggie People, Wallace & Gromit and Supermarionation Collections.
  • Personalised Member's Certificate and numbered Membership Card.
  • Regular Emails*, Catalogues and Lealfets with all the information on the latest news and releases.
  • A Twice yearly Newsletter, 'The Companion'.
  • Invitation to the exclusive Collectors Club Events.
  • Member's only Special Offers available online.
  • Discount for a yearly subscription renewal
  • And saving the best for last, an exclusive 10% Members Discount on all purchases.

Collectors Club 2014 Pieces

Option 2 - Silver Membership. 

Annual subscription to include: Regular email and postal updates and the 10% Member’s discount on all purchases! 

Option 3 - Bronze Membership.

Become a Friend of Robert Harrop Designs!
For a free annual subscription, keep your finger on the pulse with Regular email and postal updates!

Cost to of joining the Club

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Cost of renewing your club membership

Renewal price teir


How to join or renew membership of the Collectors Club:

To join or renew your membership you would simply select the level of membership from the products listed below and select the appropriate (drop down or radio button) product from the available options.  For the free annual subscription (Bronze) just put the free Bronze product into your shopping basket and go through the checkout as normal (make sure you select the Newsletter option at the bottom of the page if you are creating a new account and if you already have an account you can switch this on or or off in your "My Account" link once your logged in)! Below are some links to the different membership products.

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Gold Club Membership (New)
The Harrop Doggie People 'Collectors Edition' is our Bulldog Puppy (Little George).  This time ..
Gold Club Membership (Renewal)
The Harrop Doggie People 'Collectors Edition' is our Bulldog Puppy (Little George).  This time ..
Silver Club Membership (New or Renew)
Worldwide NEW OR RENEWAL Silver Collectors Club Membership! By joining / renewing to the Silver C..
Bronze Club Membership
Bronze Membership 'A Friend of Robert Harrop Designs' Thank you for selecting the Bronze Membersh..
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