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In a new range for 2010, we are introducing characters from the television programmes of Watch with Mother, starting with that great children's television classic of Andy Pandy.

The story of Andy Pandy began in 1946, when the BBC started broadcasting television programmes specifically aimed at children and come the Summer of 1950 the first episode of Andy Pandy was aired.

Created for a pre-school audience, Andy Pandy was a rosey cheeked toddler who lived in a picnic basket and would encourage the children watching to join in with the songs and dancing.? He first appeared unaccompanied but was later joined by his inseparable pal Teddy and later by a rag doll named Looby Loo.

The success of Andy Pandy paved the way for another TV classic The Flower Pot Men and in 1953 they were both broadcast under the well known title of Watch With Mother. With such a portfolio, Watch with Mother was the by-word for quality Children?s Television, which continued into the 1950's and 1960?s, producing many well known classics under its banner.

Sadly, by the late 1970?s the Watch with Mother banner was no longer being used, but it still conjures up many a fond memory of the rogrammes it was associated with and will always be remembered by the big kid in all of us!

  • A hand painted ceramic resin figurine from the Watch With Mother Collection.
  • Designed and sculpted in Shropshire, England by Robert Harrop Designs.
  • Approximately 6.1 inches?(155mm) tall.
  • Comes?complete in a presentation box.?

Robert Harrop Designs
Watch With Mother / Andy Pandy Collection



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