Rober Harrop - Limited Edition 200 Captain Black

Captain Black ‘Renegade Rocket’

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Captain Scarlet - Captain BlackHandpaint..

Captain Scarlet - Captain Black

Handpainted Figurine

A Limited Edition of Only 200 Figurines

Introducing our latest Supermarionation figurine from the classic Captain Scarlet series.

The top Mysteron agent in the field and continual thorn in Captain Scarlet's side, our new Captain Black figurine is dressed for espionage, complete with hi-tech binoculars for spying on the Spectrum Agents.

Sculpted by Mike Rogers, each Official Captain Black figurine is a Limited Edition of only 200 pieces Worldwide.  To mark its provenance, each exclusive piece will be hand numbered on the base with a unique edition number and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity!

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Captain Black
Renegade Rocket (1968)

Conrad Turner was born in 2029 in Manchester and was orphaned at only seven months old. Raised by a distant relative, Conrad excelled at college and then university, obtaining degrees in Science and Technology.  

Joining the British Air Force at 18, he would go on to fight in the second British civil war of 2047. Conrad then served in the World Army Air Force and later transferred to the World Space Patrol, where he took command of Fireball XL3. 

In 2065, Conrad was enrolled as Spectrum’s first agent, overseeing the construction of the Cloudbase and teaching the other recruits on espionage, self-defence, mechanics and flying. Codenamed Captain Black, he was considered to be Spectrum’s number one agent, and was therefore the obvious choice to lead an expedition to investigate strange signals emanating from Mars.

Exploring an unknown region of the Martian Planet he discovered an alien city built by the Mysterons. Mistaking  the Mysterons as hostile, he ordered the destruction of the city and in an act of revenge the Mysterons took control of Captain Black and swore revenge on the whole of mankind.

  • A Hand painted ceramic resin figurine / statue from the Captain Scarlet Collection.

  • Designed and Sculpted in Shropshire, England by Robert Harrop Designs.

  • Traditionally hand-sculpted by Mike Rodgers.

  • Approximately 9 inches (230mm) tall.

  • A Limited Edition of Only 200 available Worldwide.

  • Individually hand numbered with a unique number on the base.

  • Comes complete in a presentation box with information booklet and tent card.


Robert Harrop Designs
Captain Scarlet Collection Figurine

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