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Captain Scarlet Handpainted FigurineA Li..

Captain Scarlet Handpainted Figurine
A Limited Edition of only 150

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Introducing our latest Supermarionation figurine from the classic Captain Scarlet series.

Captain Ochre is a very versatile Spectrum Agent and is a reliable partner to the other Spectrum Agents and can be called upon to assist in most tasks.  Here he is holding the Mysteron Detector, used to wheedle out Mysteron agents assuming human form. A crucial piece of kit in the Spectrum arsenal and battle against the Mysteron forces.

Sculpted by Mike Rogers, each official Captain Ochre figurine is a Limited Edition of only 150 pieces Worldwide.  To mark its provenance, each exclusive piece will be hand numbered on the base with a unique edition number and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity!

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Captain Ochre

Captain Ochre was born Richard Fraser in Detroit on February 23rd, 2035.  The only Spectrum agent not to attend university, Fraser was a keen amateur pilot and learned to fly at 16.  Because of his lack of formal qualifications he was turned down by the World Army Air Force and opted instead to join the World Government Police Corps. After three years of basic training, Richard became thoroughly engrossed in detective work and his real character and abilities began to emerge.

Transferring to Chicago in 2059, he brought down one of the toughest crime syndicates in the U.S., demonstrating superb detective skills and excellent leadership qualities. Rising quickly through the WGPC ranks, in 2065 Fraser was approached by the Spectrum selection committee and given the opportunity of joining their fledgling organisation.

Given that he was well-known in the public eye, Spectrum orchestrated ‘Operation Jigsaw’ and Fraser was brutally assassinated. The news of his apparent demise was relayed around the world, but in truth he was only shot with a tranquillizer dart and Richard Fraser became Captain Ochre of Spectrum.


  • A Hand painted ceramic resin figurine / statue from the Captain Scarlet Collection.

  • Designed, Sculpted and Made in Shropshire, England by Robert Harrop Designs.

  • Traditionally hand-sculpted by Mike Rodgers.

  • Approximately 9 inches (232mm) tall.

  • A Limited Edition of Only 150 available Worldwide.

  • Individually hand numbered with a unique number on the base.

  • Comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity and Information card.


Robert Harrop Designs
Captain Scarlet Collection Figurine

Thunderbirds TM & © ITC Entertainment Group Limited 1964, 1999 and 2016. Licensed by ITV Ventures Limited.  All rights reserved.  Captain Scarlet™ and © 1967, 2001 and 2015. ITC Entertainment Group Limited. Licensed by ITV Ventures Limited.  All rights reserved

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