Thunderbirds, musical box

** Damaged Box Stock ** Tracy Island - Musical Box

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ThunderbirdsHandpainted Figurine - Music..


Handpainted Figurine - Musical Box

A Limited Edition of Only 200 Figurines

** Damaged Box Stock **

Perfect piece, but presentation box is slightly damaged

Each Official Tracy Island figurine is fitted with a traditional clockwork musical mechanism, when once wound with the key situated at the back of the island, plays the iconic Thunderbirds Theme tune!

A Limited Edition of only 200 pieces Worldwide, each exclusive piece will be hand numbered on the base with a unique edition number and will be a great addition to any Supermarionation collection!

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Tracy Island

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Tracy Island is the home of the Tracy family and secret Head Quarters of International Rescue. Visible above ground are the habitable rooms used by the Tracy family, however, cleverly concealed within the island itself are the vehicles, equipment, workshops, laboratories and mission control rooms used by International Rescue in their missions.

Thunderbird 1 is launched from a hangar underneath a retractable swimming pool at the foot of the main Tracy Villa. Situated at the base of the island and concealed by a false rock-face and palm trees is the hangar for Thunderbird 2. The entrance leads onto the island's runway and upon exiting the hangar the palm trees lining the runway swing outwards allowing Thunderbird 2 to taxi on to its hydraulic launch platform. Thunderbird 3 is launched from another hanger underneath the doughnut-shaped Round House and Thunderbird 4 has an emergency launch tube directly into the ocean if Thunderbird 2 is unavailable.

  • A Limited Edition Handpainted figurine / statue from the Thunderbirds Collection.
  • Designed and Sculpted in Shropshire, England by Robert Harrop Designs.
  • Sculpted by Simon Boden.
  • Approximately 6 inches (162mm) tall.
  • Clockwork Musicsal Mechanism Plays the Thunderbirds Theme Tune.
  • A Limited Edition of Only 200 Figurines Worldwide.
  • Individually hand numbered with a unique number on the base.
  • Comes complete in a presentation box with information booklet and tent card.

Robert Harrop Designs
Thunderbirds Collection

Thunderbirds TM & © ITC Entertainment Group Limited 1964, 1999 and 2016. Licensed by ITV Ventures Limited.  All rights reserved.  Captain Scarlet™ and © 1967, 2001 and 2015. ITC Entertainment Group Limited. Licensed by ITV Ventures Limited.  All rights reserved

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