How to use the coupon for the delay in shipping, you will need to be logged into your account to use and to see the coupon, please note the coupon is unique to each customer and can only be used once please do not cancel your transaction part way through the payment process as this will invalidate your coupon.

Once you are logged in you will be taken to the account page where you can view the coupon by looking at the history for the order that contained the Terileptil Leader.

Below is a sample of what you should see (parts of the below have been removed due to personal details) the arrows show the sections that you should look at, within the order information update you should see an 8 - 10 digit code.

Now you have the detail for the coupon go to the product you want to purchase as normal and proceed to the checkout when you are ready to complete your purchase, at "Step 5: Payment Method" you can add your coupon as shown below:

1 - Enter the coupon code you have been allocated

2 - Press the Apply button

3 - Tick the box for the Terms & Conditions

4 - Press the Continue button