Sign up to the Friends of Harrop email list and you will enjoy a 10% discount for the first four weeks of all new releases along with email notifications of new release products.  You can select either the "Doctor Who" or the "No Thanks" and you can unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe link which is included on every email we send.

To get the 10% discount on your order you must complete the free of charge purchase first if you put the F.O.H product in your basket with something else you will not receive the discount on that transaction!

Important please be aware that if you place an order for an item and that order did not have a discount applied we cannot retrospectively apply a discount so please ensure you are happy to pay the price for the item before you pay, any requests to partially refund will result in a full refund.

The Friends of Harrop discount applies only for the first four weeks from the release of a piece, if you are not sure whether or not the F.O.H discount has been applied you can establish this by looking at the product you are interested in without being logged into your account and you should see the item has one price in grey for example £80.00 now login and if you have a discounted price you should see two prices shown one will be in red and crossed out and the second lower price in grey e.g. the previous example would be £72.00 (please note that no discount is ever applied to P&P).

To get the Friends of Harrop discount or to renew your Friends of Harrop membership you do not need to signup to be emailed you can select the "No I do not want to be emailed by Harrop Buckley Designs Ltd" and if you have agreed to be emailed and have changed your mind and you no longer wish to be emailed you can unsubscribe via any marketing email you receive.

Please note we have difficulties in sending emails to the free email providers e.g. hotmail, outlook, yahoo, gmail and others that use the infrastructure provided by these providers, we also have issues with the AOL domain name.  We actively monitor our marketing emails and we will remove email address from the mailing list if two emails which are delivered are left unopened as we consider this to be highly likely to be an abandon email account.

To check your status you would login to the website and once you have done this you will be at the "My Account" section where under the first section on the page you will see the heading "Account Information" section and there you will see a link that will show you your current status (please note if your group expiry is set in the past you should go through the process of signing up to F.O.H again).  To renew your membership you simply follow this guide as if you are a new customer.

Click here to go to the F.O.H product page.