Rober Harrop - Limited Edition 150 Symphony Angel

Symphony Angel – Limited Edition 150

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Captain Scarlet Handpainted FigurineA Li..

Captain Scarlet Handpainted Figurine
A Limited Edition of only 150

Introducing our latest Supermarionation figurine from the classic Captain Scarlet series.

As a mark of provenance, each Limited Edition figurine will be numbered with a unique Edition Number and will come packaged in a presentation box with an Information Card and Certificate of Authenticity!

Symphony Angel is one of five ace pilots for Spectrum.  Flying the Angel Interceptor aircraft from the floating Cloudbase HQ, Symphony and her team offer air support to the Spectrum agents on the ground.

Symphony Angel



Symphony Angel, real name Karen Wainwright, was born on January 6th, 2042, in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Karen was a gifted child and at only 16 years of age she was sent to Yale University, where she excelled herself, gaining seven degrees in the study of mathematics and technology.

Her abilities attracted the attention of the Universal Secret Service (USS) and soon after Karen graduated they offered her employment.  Karen readily accepted and she passed the USS’s 5 year training course in only two years. By 2062, Karen was a fully fledged USS field agent, dealing solely with industrial espionage, and within five years she became the USS’s number one secret agent.

While training as a pilot for a USS mission Karen fell in love with flying and she left the USS in 2067 to join a charter company, dealing with worldwide passenger transport. Karen’s flying skills were so good that she soon gained worldwide recognition, and even became headline news.

Her many talents and potential were soon recognised by Spectrum, and she was offered the chance to become one of their ace pilots. Karen passed the entrance exam with ease and was enlisted by Spectrum to become Symphony Angel.

  • A Hand painted ceramic resin figurine / statue from the Captain Scarlet Collection.

  • Designed, Sculpted and Made in Shropshire, England by Robert Harrop Designs.

  • Traditionally hand-sculpted by Mike Rodgers.

  • Approximately 9.6 inches (243mm) tall.

  • A Limited Edition of Only 150 available Worldwide.

  • Individually hand numbered with a unique number on the base.

  • Comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity and Information card.


Robert Harrop Designs
Captain Scarlet Collection Figurine

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