Joe 90, Mac's Jet Car

** Damaged Box Stock ** - Mac's Jet Air Car - Joe 90 - L.E 250

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Mac's Jet Air Car from Joe 90A Limited E..

Mac's Jet Air Car from Joe 90

A Limited Edition of Only 250 Figurines Worldwide!

 ** Damaged Box Stock **

Perfect piece, but presentation box is slightly damaged

Invented and built by Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine, Joe 90's adopted father, the Jet Air Car's unique appearance is the result of a design constructed around substance rather than style.  An amphibious vehicle, it is capable of an impressive top speed of 200 mph on dry land and up to 70 knots as a hovercraft on water.  Not only that but with its wheels retracted and wings and tail fins extended (they are normally hidden from view), it is equipped to fly.  In this mode, its appearance completely altered, Mac's car can travel at speeds of up to 300 mph with a maximum height of 2,000 feet.

To allow for this level of performance and ability, the car is fabricated from a heat resistant plastic and indestructible plutonium alloy and is driven by two powerful jet engines, fuelled by a special high-octane essence, which does around 20 miles to the gallon.  Piloted by either Mac or Joe 90, the Jet Air Car is an indispensable piece of equipment and has been used on many missions for the World Intelligence Network (WIN).

Each figurine is individually marked with a unique edition number and will make the perfect centrepiece for your Supermarionation collection.

  • A Hand painted ceramic resin figurine / statue from the Joe 90 Collection.
  • Designed and Sculpted in Shropshire, England by Robert Harrop Designs.
  • Approximately 4.3 inches (103mm) tall.
  • A Limited Edition of Only 250 available Worldwide.
  • Individually hand numbered with a unique number on the base.
  • Comes complete in a presentation box.

Robert Harrop Designs
Joe 90 Collection Figurine

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